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"Speak to Inspire helped me to craft a gripping story and bring it with passion."

Jimmy Nelson (Creative Director/Photographer)

"The session enabled me to speak more powerfully on stage, and use my voice and body."

Don Ritzen (Founder Rockstart)

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Every presentation is an opportunity. To take your audience along and spur them into action. To win projects, initiate change, or motivate people. It can all be achieved with a presentation.

However, this opportunity is often missed. Because either the story is unclear or vague, or the speaker fails to connect with the audience, or both. 

We help you achieve more with your presentations. Since 2012, we've been training and coaching teams, speakers, and leaders in public speaking. 

We teach you how to translate your ideas into a compelling story and deliver it persuasively. So that you will rise up to the occasion and seize that opportunity!

What we offer

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Our services

  • 1, 2, or 3-day presentation training
  • Storytelling training
  • Speak like a TED talk
  • Create your business presentations with ChatGPT
  • Presentation coaching
  • Speechwriting

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What you can expect from us

Speak to Inspire consists of a team of highly experienced trainers and coaches, boastingbackgrounds in theater, media, as emcees, speechwriters, and entrepreneurs. We collaborate with a diverse range of organizations, both nationally and internationally —from Rabobank to Guerrilla Games, Deloitte to Airbnb, AHOLD & Heineken to political parties. Our mission is to help teams, professional speakers, and leaders engage with their audience with thought-provoking narratives that spur action.

We firmly believe that anyone can inspire through thoughtful exploration of:

  • Audience: Understand their perspectives and connect with their experiences.
  • Story: Identify your unique angle and structure your presentation effectively.
  • Passion: Explore why your message is important to you.
  • Coping Mechanisms: Manage nerves and strengthen your connection with the audience.
  • Individuality: Discover your speaking style and make optimal use of your abilities.

We've developed proven methods and exercises, connected to the three foundational elements of presenting: content, delivery, and mindset.

Our training sessions and coaching blend theory with extensive practice, because we strongly believe there's only one way to learn presenting: by doing it. Our trainers draw from a diverse range of exercises rooted in the realms of rhetoric, theater, and psychology.